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I was honored to be invited to an international conference hosted by the company Xlear in Cancun in the Spring of 2012. It was an even greater honor to be asked at the last minute, to share my modality of practice with so many like minded holistic practitioners.

I only had available a few precious moments in a limited presentation to condense over thirty years of work. Many great speakers had already shared a lot of information common to mine, so I attempted to make it fun for all by connecting more interesting facts on an even deeper, profound and interesting level!

What an amazing opportunity for us to share many professional insights and be surrounded by individuals who promote the benefits of Xylitol's usage for all age groups. And how especially rewarding it is in our quest to help our patients have better airways!

Pure Xylitol comes from woody fibrous plant material that creates a white crystalline substance which looks and tastes like sugar. Xylitol is a natural sweetener with many dental and health benefits. It has been recognized by many dental and health professionals worldwide as a great alternative to white sugar. Below is our top 10 list of benefits from Xylitol. For more information on Xylitol, please visit

If you are interested in actively using Xylitol throughout the day, you can also follow the Xylitol Protocol.

1. Safe for Diabetics
Unlike sugar, Xylitol is not easily converted to fat. Because it is not easily converted to fat, it has almost no effect on insulin levels, making it a safe sugar alternative for diabetics, body builders, dieters, pregnant/nursing women, and also for babies and children.

2. Helps Prevent Cavities
Since it is a non-fermentable sugar, it cannot be converted to acid by oral bacteria. Thus, the alkaline-acid balance in the mouth is maintained, which helps in preventing cavities.

3. Helps Prevent Ear Infections
Xylitol can also be used as medicine in prohibiting certain bacterial growth to help prevent ear infections in young children. It will also help clear out earwax and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the pharyngotympanic tubes, connecting the nose and ear.

4. Slows the Growth of Candida
Xylitol helps prevent bad breath, ulcers, and stomach cancer by slowing down the growth of Candida Albicans (a serious yeast infection), and other harmful bacteria like H. pylori.

5. May Improve Bone Density
According to research from the University of Oulu in Finland, Xylitol was shown to help improve bone density in rats. This indicates it has potential as a treatment for osteoporosis in humans. For optimal bone health, it is recommended that you eat foods high in calcium or take a calcium supplement.

6. Helps Tooth Enamel & Strength
In addition to preventing cavities, consuming Xylitol in small amounts helps decrease plaque formation, and promotes salivation to prevent “dry mouth”, which aids in enhancing mineral absorption for repairing damaged tooth enamel, while increasing tooth strength.

7. Increases White Blood Cell Activity
Xylitol, when taken in small amounts, can help increase the white blood cell activity in fighting bacterial infections, to help build immunity, protect against chronic degenerative disease and have anti-aging benefits.

8. Prevents Streptococcus Mutans In Newborns
When used by nursing mothers on a regular basis, it helps reduce the transmission of Streptococcus Mutans (oral bacteria that causes cavities) to children by up to 80% during the first two years.

9. May Help With Allergies & Sinus Infections
When used as a nasal spray, Xylitol is said to be able to help reduce the prevalence of sinus infections, asthma and allergies. It helps decrease the amount of harmful bacteria that may be in the cells of our nose.

10. May Lower Risk of Ovarian Cysts
Xylitol may help lower your risk of developing ovarian cysts, polycystic ovarian syndrome (a condition that disrupts or stops the ovulation cycle), fibroids, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome and possibly breast cancer.
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Fluoride Testimonial

I have three children, my two younger children were born in Germany where we lived when my husband’s company transferred him to work on a Government contract. They were born in a U.S. Military hospital, and when I was released to take them home, both times, the doctors prescribed fluoride drops with instructions to place 2 drops in their mouths daily. My daughter was born in 1982 and my youngest son was born in 1990. I trusted the doctors, had no inclination not to. I was told the fluoride was necessary as there was no fluoride in the tap water in Germany, and the purpose of the drops was to prevent cavities while their teeth were forming. I never gave the fluoride to my eldest son, who was 4 when we moved to Germany.

Both my eldest son and my daughter have relatively healthy teeth, however, my youngest son had a number of cavities. In fact his dentist, here in Florida, performed a root canal on him at the age of 3. All three of my children had braces, which is when I learned of the effects the fluoride had caused on my two youngest children’s teeth. My oldest son had no problem with his braces, whereas with my two youngest, the braces had a difficult time adhering to the teeth, the orthodontist told me it was due to the white spots on their teeth.

These white spots were the result of excessive amounts of fluoride, a condition called fluorosis, the fluoride demineralized the enamel of the teeth. Research states that the FDA never approved the fluoride prescription drops as either safe or effective, and in 1994, the American Dental Association (ADA), American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) issued a new recommendation that infants under 6 months of age should receive no fluoride supplementation.

~ Cheri M.
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