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The Origin of the Flower Logo

I was doodling to find something to represent and tie in all that I was trying to bring forth with this lifelong writing project. I wanted a visual of the one thing that deeply connects us/IT all: LOVE, usually portrayed by a heart. And yet, I also wanted a little ‘something dental’ i.e.: tooth: … ‘cause, you know, dentist/ connections to the mouth! LOL.

So... After creating the final SIX connections in the book, I drew six hearts meeting to a center point at their bases. Then, if you look closely, putting a ‘tear drop’ like petal inside each heart not only created a flower, it also actually created a molar, or two rooted tooth, at the same time. So, VOILA! The six-petal FLOWER, the TEETH as well as HEARTS all in one!!!

The Colors:
The color green is for the heart chakra which is affiliated with LOVE 
The color purple is for  the crown chakra that is affiliated with SPIRITUALITY

In  the top half of the diagram, the part of the flower ABOVE the wave that signifies BALANCE, is ourselves in light. Within our visible selves in LIGHT there’s our SHADOW self on the INSIDE: the HIDDEN self to others.
The OUTCOME: the RESULTS- the WHY (Why bothering to shed light on the Marionette strings)

Yet in darkness, our INNER selves always know that the LIGHT is there, deep within. 

There is always an inner beauty within us that blooms and THRIVES. Dis-ease or Health is how MUCH we allow that INNER beauty/flower to thrive, to blossom and BLOOM!!!

The wave of water represents BALANCE. In nature, we always seek balance, or homeostasis. It’s the neutral point, the in-between to all duality, all aspects, all polar opposites.

This is also a play on ‘being LEVEL’, because one of the biggest aspects of the type of dentistry that we do, is seeking LEVELNESS of the bite. And water being FLUID, seeks its own level or balance.

Water also represents EMOTIONS, the latter often ignored in all Whole Health Connections!  

Therefore the flower represents us all RE-CONNECTING to our hearts.
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