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About Health Connections Dentistry®︎

At Health Connections Dentistry®︎, we transcend the traditional boundaries of dental care by offering a revolutionary platform dedicated to the integration of Dental and Oral Health with the wellness and balance of the whole individual. Founded by Dr. Claire Stagg, our mission is to illuminate the profound connection between oral health and overall well-being through a rich repository of science-based research, educational materials, and practical tools.

A Treasure Trove of Knowledge
Our website is a comprehensive resource designed to empower you with knowledge and insights into how you can harness the power of your body for healing and disease prevention. With an extensive collection of research papers, articles, videos, and studies, Health Connections Dentistry®︎ serves as a cornerstone for understanding the foundations of Dr. Stagg's innovative concept and the principles laid out in her groundbreaking book, "SMILE, IT'S ALL CONNECTED! WHOLE HEALTH THROUGH BALANCE.."

Engage with Dr. Stagg's Teachings
Dive into hours of captivating content featuring Dr. Stagg teaching, lecturing, and sharing her expertise in interviews and reviews. These materials not only showcase her thought leadership in the field but also offer practical advice and insights that can be applied to everyday wellness practices. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of holistic dental care or seeking inspiration for a healthier lifestyle, our video library is an invaluable asset.

Curated Products and Professional Growth
Understanding the importance of quality in achieving optimal health, we provide links to products and supplies that Dr. Stagg personally endorses. These selections reflect our commitment to natural, effective solutions that complement our holistic health philosophy.
For professionals eager to explore Health Connections Dentistry® in practice, our site offers the unique opportunity to book training and consulting sessions with Dr. Stagg. Through our Request for Information (RFI) forms, practitioners can connect directly with Dr. Stagg, gaining access to her wealth of knowledge and experience in transforming dental care to embrace a more integrated approach to health.

Join Our Community of Wellness
Health Connections Dentistry®︎ is more than a website; it's a community dedicated to learning, growth, and the pursuit of wellness. Whether you're a layperson seeking to enrich your understanding of how oral health impacts your overall well-being, or a professional looking to integrate holistic dental practices into your work, you'll find a supportive and enriching environment here.
We invite you to explore, learn, and connect with us as we journey together toward a healthier, more balanced life. Welcome to Health Connections Dentistry®︎, where every piece of knowledge brings you closer to achieving whole health through balance.
STAGG OPERATING SYSTEMS™: Providing educational materials to enhance practice management the Health Connections Dentistry® way.

This site is based primordially for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES , both for the lay person as well as for professionals who would like to learn more on how Health Connections Dentistry® is practiced. It is also a wonderful resource for videos of past questions asked and explained simply, options for nutritional supplements that are naturally made  and many more treasures that we will add as we publish them! 

Our sister website is based on CLINICAL care and will assist those researching an appointment with Dr. Stagg in her clinical Health Connections Dental practice.  

While we make an abundance of information available at no charge on this website and some of our other websites, Dr. Stagg makes an important part of her living by selling online training programs, print and digital books, workbooks, worksheets and special reports, audios, etc. Because of this, we thank you for your integrity in protecting her intellectual property. Therefore, on a practical level, if you would like for loved ones, friends, patients, clients, work associates, therapists, coaches, or others you know, to be able to benefit from the resources that we sell /or promote for Dr. Stagg, you agree to provide them with a link to the page that contains the resource details and purchase link. We count on and thank you for (and of course also legally require), your integrity about this.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:  Your purchase of any of our resources entitles you to use them for your own personal or clinical use. In accordance with international copyright law, copying any of Dr. Stagg’s digital or printed resources for any other purpose, such as but not limited to using this material in articles, books, presentations, workshops, classes, or for any other reasons, is prohibited unless you have obtained prior written authorization from Dr. Claire Stagg.
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