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Deepak Shrivastava, MD FAASM, FCCP, FACP, CMD, HMDC

... Deepak Shrivastava is a well-recognized physician in Central California for last 40 years. After completing the training years at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital, New York, and University of California at Davis, he continued his academic pursuit as a Professor of Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care at UC Davis School of Medicine and a faculty at UC Davis affiliated San Joaquin General Hospital. He is granted fellowships of multiple professional organizations.

He is a senior faculty at Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program at UC Davis.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy at University of Pacific, School of Pharmacy and Assistant Professor of Medicine at St. George’s School of Medicine. He is an Assistance Professor of Medicine at School of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, California. 

He received his Sleep Medicine training at Stanford. He is board certified in multiple sub-specialties. He is recipient of many academic and service awards. He has received 2015 Medical Director of the year award of American Medical Directors Association, and Lifetime Achievement Award for educational endeavors internationally. 

He is an active researcher with keen interest in medical education.  He has been involved in health care quality and performance improvement throughout his career. In addition to his practice of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine in an ACGME accredited training program, he is involved in Hospice Care and Long-term Care.  He is a member of National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI).  He actively works to influence health care policy both at political and administrative levels.
For over three decades, he is involved in the education of physicians, dentists, nurses, respiratory therapists and more importantly with many community organizations. He directed Mechanical Ventilation, Pulmonary Function and Sleep Medicine Courses in Central Valley since 1999. Over decades he has educated thousands of dentists practicing dental sleep medicine.

He is an inventor, thought leader and author. He was involved in a PBS television show in 90s, called “To Prevent is to Cure”. Now, his social media show “Your Health Care”, engages viewers in the area. He creates both scientific and public education content regularly.
Deepak Shrivastava has contributed to various fields of medicine.  His publications can be found on Google and other search engines.  He is a desired speaker and has delivered hundreds of lectures around the world. He serves as the managing editor of a Springer journal, Sleep and Vigilance.
Some of his notable work includes contribution to Encyclopedia of Sleep with 350 distinguished authors invited from around the world. Encyclopedia of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms, Second Edition, Six Volume Set (2023) is the most comprehensive work on sleep and circadian rhythms. He also contributed to the Textbook of Sleep and Circadian Medicine, edited by Clete A. Kushida, MD, the past president of America Academy of Sleep Medicine and later the World Sleep Society.  

Doctor, Why Does Daddy Snore? (2014) is a collaboration of creativity and education designed to improve the sleep and well-being of all patient populations. Sleeping For Two (2021) provides education to young expectant mothers to protect their baby and them against the adverse impact of sleep disorders during pregnancy.

Mission Sleep (2017) is to showcase the journey of an eminent Indian born American Sleep Stalwart through lens of colleagues. A truly motivating journey of professional and social life is an eye-opener for the youngsters. The book is dedicated to the foresight and wisdom of the leaders in multiple sleep organizations. (, Kindle Store>Kindle eBooks>Biographies &Memoirs). 

He has contributed to the Dental Sleep Medicine Clinical Guide (2022) ISBN 978-3-031-10645-3 that focuses on the scientific background of sleep medicine and connection to dentistry.

Among other work, Sleep Technology Review (2022) and RPSGT and CPSGT Mock Exams (2022) are excellent resources for learning sleep technology and prepare for board examinations.

Making Sense of Sleep Medicine: A Hands-On Guide (2022) is a practical and patient-complaint focused handbook, directed to motivate non-sleep experts and beginners in sleep medicine and technology.

A recent title Talking Points on Deprescribing in Hospice Care (2024), ISBN 1032491051 fills a major gap in patient management and can be extrapolated to other specialties including sleep medicine. It highlights the positive intervention of reducing polypharmacy, improving quality of life, providing individual patient context, and helping clinicians in deprescribing.

He believes in applying scientific principles to daily life. He quotes "science that does not relate to everyday human life is not mature yet and is work in progress”. He believes in 360 degrees of life cycle as the center point of practice of medicine to constantly improve quality of life, making living a wholesome experience!

Dr. Shrivastava believes that life is not only about high-quality cognitive wakefulness for 16 hours and restorative sleep for 8.  It is about living every moment with joy every day.  It encompasses psychological, behavioral, spiritual, cultural, religious, and social dimensions: Organism as a whole!
Deepak Shrivastava enjoys reading, writing, playing music, tennis, skiing, backpacking and occasionally just not doing anything. 
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